Revistas culturales 2.0

Revistas culturales 2.0: About

The web portal Revistas culturales 2.0 is a virtual research environment for all those who are interested in historic hispanophone magazines. While nowadays the interactivity of the Web 2.0 is mostly used to publish contemporary online-magazines, we use this technology to research historic cultural magazines of the modernism and avant-garde periods. Traditional methods of research usually entail discussing one or two titles through intensive close reading; within this project, we try to enrich classical hermeneutical analysis by allowing readers to compare many hispanophone magazines at once in an online environment. On the one hand, Revistas culturales 2.0 gives an insight into projects digitizing hispanophone magazines, on the other hand we want to show how this material can be analyzed with new tools and methods provided by the Digital Humanities.

Revistas culturales 2.0 allows you to annotate our collection of digitized magazines, which are provided by our co-operation partner Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut - Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin.

Revistas culturales 2.0 for the public

The public accessible pages of the web portal provide information about the participants in the research network, as well as news about the cultural magazines and their research in the blogs. A very useful bibliography of magazines and secondary literature and the links to the virtual libararies where to find the digitized magazines and to related projects give you orientation and new perspectives. Finally the digitized magazines provided by the library "Ibero-Amerikanische Institut - Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin", can be consulted directly by a viewer. Furthermore you have open access to the publications of the project.  

Revistas culturales 2.0 for researchers

Those who participate in the research network (if you are researcher and interested in colaborating, please contact Hanno Ehrlicher or Nanette Rissler-Pipka) have access to more functionality of the web portal. You have to identify by a given user name and personal password. By participating in the research network, you have the possibility to annotate the digitized magazines and prepare them for own research interests. How this works in detail is shown soon in a video tutorial. The annotated metadata gives us all access to new and elaborated reseach comparing the mass of magazines and their social networks or other marcoanalysis. 

So, get started!!!