November 2017

Dark Humour in Fin-de-Siècle Chile: The Revealing Tidbits of Luz i Sombra and Instantáneas

For Europeans, Spring is traditionally seen as the time for birth of new life, symbolized astrologically with the Sun entering the Aries constellation on the Spring equinox. Pagan celebrations to welcome in the longer days centred around fertility symbols, celebrations which were later absorbed into the Christianity of the Spanish-speaking world.

The Wonderful World of Advertising in Gente Vieja

The magazine Gente Vieja, as the title might suggest, took pride in being a platform for an older generation of writers, at a time when a new wave of modernist literary and artistic styles, associated with the younger generation, were very much in vogue. Far from trying to compete with these younger writers, the contributors to Gente Vieja made a feature of their seniority, with the first issue proudly stating the age of the writer alongside their name.

Workshop „Zeitschriften als Wissensproduzenten – Material, Gestaltung und digitale Erschließung“

  • Posted on: 13 November 2017
  • By: nanette

Beim Berliner Workshop „Zeitschriften als Wissensproduzenten – Material, Gestaltung und digitale Erschließung“ (7.-8.12.2017) kommen verschiedene deutschsprachige Forscher zusammen, um über die Herausforderungen des Mediums Zeitschrift im interdisziplinären Kontext zu diskutieren. Auf Einladung von Madleen Podewski, Gustav Frank und Christof Windgätter sind aus dem Projekt Revistas culturales 2.0 Teresa Herzgsell und Nanette Rißler-Pipka dabei.

Judith's Review of Reviews: Luz

It cannot be argued that the magazine Luz was designed to be an aesthetic commodity, a magazine of an artistic and writing collective which had as its aim the inspiration of whoever picked it up. The magazine’s first epoch began on the 15th November 1897, with a fortnightly publication which cost 10c.